FRUITA: Slam Duncan: A Reading & Discussion of Robert Duncan’s The Structure of Rime

Join us for the 2nd Annual Slam Duncan: A Reading & Discussion of Robert Duncan’s “The Structure of Rime”


The Structure of Rime is an extended discussion and demonstration of Duncan’s poetics, his principles of prosody, his belief in the open form, and in content unconstrained.

Poet Michael Palmer, a friend of Duncan’s from the early 1970s, writes that Duncan “challenged the myth of originality that had become deeply ingrained in the poets of his generation, while simultaneously, if paradoxically, asserting a particular originality of his own.”


Robert Duncan (1919-1988) was an American poet and a devotee of H.D. and the Western esoteric tradition. He spent most of his career in and around San Francisco. Though associated with any number of literary traditions and schools, Duncan is often identified with the poets of the New American Poetry and Black Mountain College. Duncan saw his work as emerging especially from the tradition of Pound, Williams and Lawrence. Duncan was a key figure in the San Francisco Renaissance.